The Story

Take a yawning cat, some music, some crazy people and start a label. This or something similar must have happened in 2016 when IO Conflict, Apexes and Revengeday planned Yawning Cat Records together with their main label Tech and Melody Recordings.

Tech and Melody Recordings which distributes mainly music in Russia wanted to find a way to Europe. It couldn't be better, because IO Conflict, Apexes and Revengeday come from Europe. This was the first step.

2017 was a tough year for the "Yawning Cat Records" project. The path through bureaucracy is difficult and strenuous. Many things had to be done before the project could be completed. In the course of 2017 there were many highs and lows - at the end of the year the time had finally come. Yawning Cat Records can be started.

Spring 2018 - Yawning Cat Records was founded together with New Acts Artists Agency Berlin. All European artists of Tech and Melody Recordings have been migrated to Yawning Cat Records.

The Team

Alexej aka IO Conflict (Founder / Distribution)
Ramses aka Revengeday (Co-Founder / A&R)
Sayoko aka Apexes (Co-Founder / Marketing)

The Mission

Whether you need music for your movie, your advertising or your game. We'll take care of it. We create music for your project - or you can simply license it. Contact us for more informations